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    AG直赢网Peter slept always now in the sitting-room with the door open lest she should need anything. He was tired that night, exhausted with struggles of conscience, battles of the flesh, forebodings of the future; he slept heavily without dreams. When at seven in the morning he came to see whether she were awake, he found her, staring ironically in front of her, dead.


    "Now then—it's about time I had a look at those letters of yours."
    "6345 Gerrard, please. . . . Yes, is that—? Yes, I want to speak to Mr. Trenchard, please—Oh, I know he's asleep. Of course, but this is very serious. Illness. Yes. He must come at once. . . . Oh, is that you, Henry? Sorry to make you come down at this unearthly hour. Yes—it's Mary Cass. You must come over here at once. It's Millie. She's very ill. No, I don't know what the matter is, but you must come. Yes, at once."
    "But you could have told me," continued Victoria. "I'm so safe and never tell anything. And why should Mr. Baxter keep it quiet as though he were ashamed of it?"


    1."God must exist to explain all the love that there is in the world," he said.
    2.Henry followed.
    3.Nevertheless in dreams too details were real.
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